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    Grouping up dimension values to use as a filter

    Shane Conrow

      I'll start by noting that my data set comes from a Cube, since that seems to often present additional challenges.


      So what I have is a bunch of data on the use of my company's software. Which screens they go to, how long they are there, how fast it loads, etc. one of the values is the product version. But the values there are much more detailed than what I need to chart. Every new defect fix causes a new build number, and then it is all of those build numbers that I actually have in my data. For example



      This is stored as a string

      I want to create a filter in my charts for which version the user was on. But not nearly as granular as all of this. I just want to take all if the 9.X.X.X values and have "Version 9" as an option in the filter, which in turn would look at data from any of the 9.X.X.X values.