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    How to combine GA and Excel data with different time periods

    Noor Hendrix

      Hi all,


      I have just set up content groupings in GA, which only work for data going forward. In my Tableau file I am trying to connect an excel file with historical data (which I pulled as a one off from GA) to the GA data connection I have set up starting a few days ago, when I started using content groupings.


      Both data sets contain dimensions: ISO Week, Page Group (Content Group), Default Channel Grouping and Device Category.

      I have GA set up as my primary data source, but when I drag ISO week to Columns, it only shows me the data from GA. I have played around with data relationships between GA and the excel file, and I thought maybe I need to create a calculated field combining the ISO Week's of both files?


      I found this older thread How to combine extracts for different periods from Google Analytics? which only shows a temporary workaround for 2 extracts. I need the GA connection in this case to be automatically refreshed and I need a one time set up, not something I have to keep on doing.


      Thanks in advance for your help!!