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    After Changing the data source its destorying the entire  formatting

    khaja mohiuddin


          Everyone. I have a question for replacing a data source. when I am changing data source its changing color alias everything.. I am using CSV File as a data source

      I have tried this method  ==> 

      0. Close Tableau.

      1. Back up your workbook.

      2. Seriously, back up your workbook.

      3. Open Tableau and create a new workbook with a data connection to the new data source.

      4. Save and close that as a .twb, we'll call it "temp.twb".

      5. Open up temp.twb file in Notepad or another text editor.

      6. Copy the <connection ...> tag (it's a few lines of details) to the clipboard.

      7. Open up your original .twb file in Notepad or another text editor.

      8. Find the <connection ...> tag that corresponds to the data source you want to replace.

      9. Paste in the new connection over the old connection.

      10. Save the original .twb.

      11. Open the original .twb in Tableau. Everything should be working again.


      But  don't know from  where to start copying the connection details and where do end ?



      Khaja Mohiuddin