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    How to repeat identical analysis?

    kevin wang


      I have two set of data results. The structure of the two datasets are completely identical. The only difference being the actual numbers. All the variables are of the same name.

      I already created a sheet on the first dataset, which I already fine tuned to quite a high degree. Now I want to apply exact the same analysis/visualisations onto the second without repeating all the click-and-drag processes. How can I do that?


      Thank you

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          Hi Kevin,

          If you created using a sheet, you can do it so the second one by right click on the sheet and select duplicate so it will create the same as first one, next for second sheet change the data set to second one.

          Modify wherever the changes are required like couple of columns are not same when compared to first one so with some small modifications you can able to achieve what you are expecting.

          Hope this helps.

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            khalid norat

            To Replicate without also loosing colour formatting


            First make a copy of report 1.


            on the copy edit datasource and point to new sheet.


            If you now want to merge both reports together jut right click on tab copy from one workbook and paste to other workbook