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    One Day (Mon;Tue..) field filter from two date fields

    Ganesh Vijay Kumar

      Hello Experts,


      I have to make one day filter which should impact my all sheets in Dashboard but the dates which i have to use in the date filter are coming from two date fields. Please help me out on this.


      For e.g. I have two date fields named "Customer Request Date" and "Transaction Date". (Only one data set)


      I have created two line graphs.. One using "Customer Request Date" and "Transaction Date".


      I have created a calculated field to get week day ( Mon; Tue) using Transaction Date.


      I have placed Weekday in Filters. When i Click on Monday I want both the graphs to be changed, Obviously it won't change as i created the calculated field using "Transaction Date".


      I am stuck here. Could anyone help me to write a function to make both the graphs change or is there any other way to do this.