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    Conditional Formatting on colors in Tableau

    Anushree Shetty



      I am very new to Tableau, have been using Tableau Public for learning the tool.I have a question on how to get the conditional colors updated in the report based on a scenario.

      For instance I would want to color the bars based on years , so i created a calculated Dimension as below:

      IF YEAR([Ship Date])=2009 then 'Yellow' elseif YEAR([Ship Date])=2010 then 'Green' else 'Blue' end

      But, surprisingly the output is :



      So here 2009 data is in red, 2010 data is in blue and the others are in purple.

      But, my condition is requesting for 2009 data to be colored Yellow , 2010 to be colored green and the rest in blue.

      Could anyone please help me in getting this as per the Calculated condition written.

      Please note that I am using Tableau Public hence unsure if I could open the applications sent across, so it would be helpful if you could post the snapshots of changes to be made.