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    Displaying several measures on the same axis


      Hi, my data has columns such as June,July,Aug etc and these columns have the sales that a particular customer made in that month. But when I drag these months to the row or column shelf, I get separate graphs. What if I want a bar plot wherein the customers are on one axis(row/column) and the months lined up on the other axis. So, if I have customer in the row shelf I would like to have the values in Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep and Oct displayed against each customer. I am attaching a workbook in which I have 2 sheets i.e desired and actual. The data for the sheets is different.

      actual uses data from sheet1 whereas desired uses data from sheet2

      Thus I am able to display things the way I want in the sheet named desired(where I am using the data from sheet2). But displaying the same thing using the data from sheet1 in actual is a problem for me.So, Using the data from sheet1, I want to create a viz similar to that in desired I do not want to go about rearranging my data in excel. Please help.