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    Floating Layout - Custom Shapes inside a floating view are not showing a transparent background

    Orlando Suarez

      I really hope I can get some help with this as I have not been able to find a solution.


      First let me explain what I've done.


      In my Tableau dashboard I've created a sheet where I am working with car brands - names and logos.


      I've gone into the shape properties and added a new, custom shapes palette which consists of the logos for each car brand or "Make". I added that palette in "My Tableau Repository" in "Documents". PNG files were used for each brand/make logo so the background can go transparent. I went back into the Tableau sheet and updated the SHAPE marks card so that every car brand/make now has their own logo.


      As a side note, this "Make" or brand is also tied to a parameter that interacts with other sheets within the workbook. So for example, when as user clicks on the "Make" parameter and choses "Acura", all the data in the dashboard will switch to "Acura" data.


      Next, I took that sheet over into the overall dashboard I'm creating. I brought it in as a floating layout or window because I want it (the "Make" logos) to sit over a larger image PNG background I created.


      However when I bring the floating "Make" logo forward and OVER the image PNG background there is a white background all around the logo. I want this to be transparent but it's not. How do I get rid of the white background IN the floating tile? I want it totally transparent.


      My apologies that I cannot attach the workbook as an example as it has protected, sensitive data and it would be to large an undertaking to re-create a dummy version. I'm hoping the photos (attached) and my description can provide enough insight into the issue I'm trying to resolve.