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    Salesforce Tables

    Eric King

      I am fairly new to Tableau, and I am working in Tableau 9.0. There is a report in SFDC that I routinely use and I want to connect to it in tableau. I have successfully connected to Salesforce through Tableau with my credentials, and I can either select from the standard connections or from the tables for my data source. However, I don't see my report in the tables section. In fact I don't see any reports that I even recognize at all from my teams SF reports... Anyone know what is going on? Are these tables listed in Tableau supposed to be the reports that we already have saved in SFDC? Any help would be great!

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          Alexander Mou


          Those are the data tables/data sources/data sets. You build reports on top

          of that.

          Tableau is a tool for you to build reports and to visualize data from data


          You won't see any report built within Salesforce.


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            Alan Asher

            Eric, welcome to Tableau and Salesforce community!  As @Alexander Mou mentioned, what you see is a list of tables and objects from Salesforce.  Although Salesforce canned reports will not show up in Tableau, you can re-create those exact reports from Salesforce in Tableau but with more capabilities.  Keep in mind that the fields names you see in Salesforce may not exactly match with the field names you see in Tableau....  Feel free to message me if you need more assistance!

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              catalin carcu

              Hi Alan, for sure Tableau offers more capabilities, but navigating through the tree of Salesforce table is a difficult journey. Being able to replicate Salesforce reports in Tableau, the way a direct import of an existing report does, would be a great tool. At least in the transition stage.


              You said if Eric needs more assistance he can mail you. How this can be done? Is the offer available for me as well?





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                Alan Asher

                yes, sorry for the delay response.  Message me through here and I will answer whatever I can