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    Previous Month Value for Migration

    Jerry Ward

      I am trying to recreate this table in Tableau.  This table look ups the previous officer from the last month and specific account number (columns) and then on the rows has the officer of the most recent month for the same matching account number.  So if there is a change in officer it will show the dollar amount change on the matrix and it will not line up with the corresponding same name on both the row and column.

      Within the attached Tableau Workbook I need to calculate the previous officer (The officer from the last month in the data set corresponding to the same account number. )

      I need this does in the workbook:

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          Hello Jerry,


          Don't quite understand your requirements.


          I attached a screenshot to show what I got from your description.

          Please click and see if it has something to do with your requirements.

          Sheet 5.png


          The place that I feel confused is,


          From your sample data, for each month, there's only one office responsible for one account.


          While from your screenshot, assumed that it's the result for one account, in the line begins with "Brian", both "Jerry" and "Matt" have amount value.

          Does this mean, two or more offices can be responsible for one account in one month?




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            Jerry Ward

            Hi Lei.

            Don't worry about the office in the data, that was just added.  The screen shot looks close but we do not want to see each individual account number.  We just want to know the total amount of dollars which changed from the previous officer to the current officer.

            In the case below this shows $2,677 did not shift because it went from Brian to Brian.  However $4,371 shifted from Jerry (Previous Officer) to Brian (Current Officer)



            Let me know if you have any more questions.  Thanks

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              Jerry Ward

              Lei can you send me your workbook from the screenshot above?    I think all you might need to change is remove Account Number.

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                Hello Jerry,


                Sure, please find the attached workbook.


                Yet, after removing account, it doesn't work out as you expected

                So let me think about it for a while and reply to you later.




                I updated the attached workbook.


                The screenshot in my first reply post is from Sheet 5, with the "account" field in column shelf.

                Sheet 6 is without the "account" field in the column shelf.