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    Grouping Measures into sets

    Michael Silverberg

      Hi I am trying to group a blended and calculated measure 'Age' into different groups, but I cannot figure out how to do so.


      When I say 'groups' the end result should look like 0-7, 8-14. 14-30, 30-90, and 90+


      I tried creating a new calculated field with this code below, but have not been able to have success without making the worksheet overly complicated:


      If [Customer Age] <= 1

      Then "day 1"

      ELSEIF [Customer Age] >1 AND [Customer Age] <= 7

      THEN "> 1 day, < 1 Week"

      ELSEIF [Customer Age] >7 AND [Customer Age] <= 31

      THEN "> 1 Week, < 1 Month"

      ELSEIF [Customer Age] >31 AND [Customer Age] <=90

      THEN "> 1 Month, < 90 Days"

      ELSE "> 90 Days"



      This is a sample of my data

      Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 2.00.46 PM.png



      The age number is calculated from

      AVG([sqlDB)].[User Age]) - AVG([difference])

      Determines age of user when the record was created


      ([sqlDB)].[User Age]) is calculated from

      TODAY() - [Create Date]

      -determines the current age of user


      Difference is calculated from

      ( TODAY() - [Created Time] )

      Need to get subtract the gap between today


      [Create Date] = date the user was created

      [Created Time] = date the record that is being analyze was created


      How can I group these into sets to analyze in buckets? Much appreciated