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    Blank Subtotal and Grandtotal




      We're currently using Tableau 9.0.5


      • I've been trying to resolve where the grand total is blank (see screenshot below)
        • Also not sure what's happening with the subtotals on why "Dept 1" is NOT subtotaling, yet "Dept 2" is subtotaling


      • The amounts listed are calculated fields
        • The calculation uses other calculated fields I've created (these are not shown)
        • When I try to right click on a green pill to total, the options are grayed out


      Would anyone have any advice or some ideas that I can try to get subtotal and total working?



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          G Marc Turner

          It looks like each of the measures you are displaying are already aggregate measures. As a result, Tableau will not aggregate them further. You might able to change them to LOD expressions just by putting the formulas in { } to have them treated as non-aggregated values. Without seeing the way those values are being calculated though, I'm not sure if this will work or whether the aggregate issue is the real issue.


          Hope this helps


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            Thanks Marc for the suggestion


            Yes, the measures I have are already aggregate measures


            Below is how "Column 2" is derived, as you can see it's a bit convoluted