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    What should the default Background Tasks for Extracts view look like?

    Corey Turner

      Tableau 9.0 came with some awesome improvements for Tableau Server admins, but the changes to the "Background Tasks for Extracts" made it hard to tell how long specific extracts actually took to refresh. In other words, the glanceability of the view was compromised in my opinion.


      Focusing on the "What Extracts Ran on this Server?" view...


      here is what it looks like now in version 9.X and 10.0 beta                                                                      this is my preferred view



      You can see that there is a lot of detail missing from the image on the left when you compare it to the image on the right. The image on the right allows users to quickly see what extracts take a long time to generate relative to others, but it also shows when the tasks were created (the gray reference line). It's the best of both worlds!


      I'd prefer the default admin view to look like this. What about you?