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    Creating different filters for the different measures

    Lucie Brett



      I have a chart on payments that I send out daily. I currently manipulate the data before it is updated in Tableau however I would like to link this directly to the original data source but I am having problems with visualising three concepts at once.


      • I have bars for the payments made each day in the month, these are filtered on transaction description = 'Debit card payment' and also for the current month e.g. May-16 (I have had to deselect aggregate measures for this)
      • I then have one cumulative line for payments made in the month so filtered on the same as above but running total table calculation (I can't seem to add a duplicate measure and create a line for cumulative)
      • I then have one cumulative line for payments made in the month before so transaction description = 'Debit card payment' but for prior month e.g. Apr-16 (this is hard as I only want to see the month before)


      I need to show each day as the number from that date i.e the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 etc go along the horizontal axis as I want to compare like for like - this is the way I can compare one month with another (if I were to use the date, then the previous month's data woudln't show). For this, I have created a calculated field called 'Date as number'.


      I have started with the attached file but I also attach a picture of what the original looks like that I am trying to replicate.


      Thanks so much in advance, any help greatfully received!