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    Showing Point Labels on a background map (Dual Axis/Custom Geocoding Data?)

    Eric Liong

      Hi everyone!


      So I'm trying to help someone get labels on their map showing some custom geographic areas.


      He currently has a map showing points with some data in the area. Now we want to show labels on the background map to point out the names of custom- geographic areas (LGAs) we defined. The background map he's using shows the border of the LGAs.


      What's the easiest way to show LGA names on the map?


      We have custom geocoding that has the names of the LGAs in it but I'm not sure how we can use that data. We have the Local Geography Code in his dataset but I've only been able to use it in a join to the LGA dataset not working with the geocoding.

      When I blend in the data for the LGAs and create a dual axis map to show the names in the background the background map disappears. ( I used a method based on this post using the coordinates on a dual axis map and making the newly added shapes invisible Showing Labels on Polygon Mark Type))


      Would background images work when we're expecting users to zoom in and out?

      I could learn how to add the names of the LGAs to the background map he's using but I'm hoping there's another way as I've never worked with making maps myself!




      I've also already up voted the idea for background maps on dual axis maps so lets cross our fingers there (https://community.tableau.com/ideas/4154 )

      ErExcel LGAs.pngicEdmonton Points with LGA Names.pngEdmonton LGA Map Cropped.png