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    Clearing menu selection when using filtering action to go another dashboard.

    mj jang

      Hi, I am almost done with a project but there is one problem.


      Please check the attached image.

      I will explain what I did and what I want is.


      1. I set the dashboard to go to the selected dashboard on the menu with using filtering action. The left one of the images.

           All of dashboards have the MENU.

           For example, If I clicked Dashboard B on the MENU of Dashboard A then It goes to Dashboard B.

           Clicking Dashboard C on the MENU of Dashboard B then It goes to Dashboard C.

      2. I clicked Dashboard B in the Menu of Dashboard A.

      3. I go to Dashboard B.

      4. I clicked Dashboard A in the Menu of Dashboard B.

      5. I go to Dashboard A.

      6. But the selected MENU of dashboard A is Dashboard B. Because I clicked 'Dashboard B’ at the 2nd step.

      The attached image shows this issue(The right side one.). I am on the Dashboard A but the it is selected Dashboard B on the MENU.

      I want to remove this selection. Is there any solution to resolve this issue?


      Please let me know the steps to resolve this issue.

      Also, It would be good if there is any tricks.





      filtering action.png    dashboard.png