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    Show Previous Year Sales Without Year Being Selected

    Matthew Hefferon

      Hey guys,


      Not sure how to solve this... I attached a sample workbook with dummy data. Hoping someone can help!


      As you can see we have a single red arrow with the sum of sales for home office. (fyi - If an arrow is red and points down it means goal not met and if arrow is green and points up it means goal was met).




      Next, I want to add the sales for 2013 into the Tooltip.



      The problem I'm running into is if I select 2013 to get the underlying data to create a calc I get two arrows. The question I have is there any way to create a calc to get the previous year sales without the 2013 date being selected?



      I tried an LOD expression but have not had any luck. Any ideas or thoughts on how to solve this is much appreciated!