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    I need to show a MIN of an Aggregated Value

    Spencer Merrill

      I am basically trying to show the minimum value (the number of months) of when the cumulative sales reaches 90% of the total sales.  I have shown the cumulative values here and now want to create a text box that will just show one value, the number of months it took to reach the 90% level.  For example, I have this graph (which is in the attached workbook):


      This graph is fine, but I now want to pull this into a dashboard along with a text box that will show me the number of months it took to get to the 90% line.  So, something like this is the objective and of course the number of months will change as I make my filter selections:


      I've been trying to do this using a Min function, and I can calculate all months > .90 but I just want to show the first month, or the min month, that is > .90.  The challenge is, that I can't just use a Min function because the calculation I use to determine the  number of months is already aggregated.


      I've attached the workbook here and would like to see if there is a different approach.

      This is using Tableau v9.1