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    Issues connecting to SharePoint List

    Surendra Masupalli

      Hi All,


      I'm struggling to connect to a sharepoint list from Tableau.


      My URL is like this http://globalrooms.gcn.local/sites/gis/sd/gas/BIServ/Lists/Tracker/AllItems.aspx


      and as suggested in the documents, I've odata link like the below.




      However when I open this in IE, it throws an error. And In Tableau Desktop, it throws the error below.




      Pls let me know if this is something to do with the access/Odata link I've used is incorrect. Kindly help me.



      Thank you!

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          Surendra Masupalli

          HI All,


          Any suggestions pls.





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            Nicholas Hara

            Hi Surendra, I assume you have read this article:


            Connect to SharePoint Lists with OData


            The example specifically uses a .svc file as part of its connection, are you sure that the URL you are using is directing to a Sharepoint list?


            Some of the comments come from people with the same error message as you:

            Glenn Keeler offers: "You do have to match http or https to your Sharepoint site. If you otherwise have all the rest of the url correct according to this article, then try adding a # to the end of your url. For me, in some cases, this made the connection work."


            Another commenter says: "I figured out what was going wrong on my side. I was using the list name as it was getting displayed on the SharePoint page. When I used the name that was used in SharePoint internally, it worked.I asked the SharePoint admin for the list name.

            Alternatively, you can go to the SharePoint list, click on List Settings and click on Title and Description option. It will display a URL which has the list name in it.

            Interestingly, this SharePoint to Tableau connection does not work for me anymore. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I knew I got this before. "


            Hopefully these suggestions help!