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    Different Menu options depending on which Object clicked

    Oliver Shingfield

      Hi Guys,


      I am unable to provide a Workbook as I am not on my work machine at the moment so you're going to have to try and visualise this with me.

      So in my Dashboard I have one big background image of different items, such as Ice cream, Meat etc.

      I have plotted XY co-ordinates on the image so you are able to hover over the images and click onto them to find out more information.


      What I need to be able to do is when you click on Ice cream, it will bring up a menu option on the Tooltip to go to Flavours and when you click on 'Meat' it will come up with a menu for 'Types'.

      So basically instead of all of the menu's showing up on every item, I just want it specific to that item.


      When you click on the menu option I would like it to take you to another dashboard of all the different flavours or types. Depending on which you selected.


      EDIT: The image is one big image and has to be that way. I cannot break it down into different objects on different sheets.


      Please can someone help?


      Thank you so much in advance,