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    Customer segmentation

    keerthana kumar

      Hi All,


      I am using tableau 9.2 .

      In the chart below im showing customer segmentation(New,Active,Dead) ...


      For the chosen Month prior 12 months are displayed in the axis.

      New are those customers whose first invoice happened in that particular year month

      Active -who has invoice in the previous months


      To Achive:

      I have 35 new customers in January ...17 went into February...(35-17=18 customers  Lost)

      similarly in march ...(Feb total ..(17+12) 29 customers out of which 17 went march Lost =29-17=12


      How can i depict the LOST customers in the graph or any other kind of visualization from where i can get this information??

      Attaching the dashboard.


      cust seg.png