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    Empty Date Columns

    Mark Cook



      Appreciate there are many feeds around empty dates and tableau, but none seem to help.


      Currently I have a relative filter set to show the last 13 months worth of data. However, the monthly breakdown stops at the last month where a value has been recorded. So for example time period is set from May 2015 to to May 2016 but the chart is only showing data up until March 2016, the last month where a value was recorded, so I'm missing blank columns for April & May 2016.


      I've tried Show Missing Values & the ZN function but this has had no success. Is there anyway to force the date columns to show the months where there is no data?



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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Mark,


          Tableau will not  create data values outside the range of the content of the actual data.  There are many ways to fill in missing months on a range but in this case you are looking to add months at the beginning or end for which there is no data.  One potential solution (depending on your data structure) is to create a linking data source that contains a date field inclusive of all of the data in your data source and the current months where no data exists.  Utilize the data source as a primary data source then link in the dates and measures from the secondary data source (your incomplete data) to create the view.  It might also just be easier to create a null value row per month so that at least one record exists per month. 


          For domain padding missing dates between a start and end, you could utilize the approach mentioned here: Domain Padding outside range   In this example, there is at least one data row for the max date so filling in the date values for the other dimensions was possible. 


          I hope that helps.



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