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    Dual measure marks on a map

    Bryan Mills

      I have test scores for Math and English assessments as single measure, the test is defined by a "test" dimension. What I'd like to do is have a map with a mark for each school where the left half of the mark is shaded based on the English score, the right half their Math score. I have a calculated field where the percentage above or below last year's score defines which color the mark should be, either red, yellow or green (please no comments on the misuse of red/green marks ). So if a mark is solid green then both the English and Math test scores are up, solid red both are down, one half red and the other green is one up and one down and so forth.


      Is this possible? If so, any suggestions on how to do it or point me in the right direction on where to learn how to do this?



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          Tom W

          Have you looked at using a Pie mark?


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            Bryan Mills

            Thanks for the reply, Tom. I actually thought about that just after posting but am having trouble putting it together. Seeing as the size always needs to be 50% (there are only 2 measures) and the difference from 2015 to 2016 is defining the color (a calculated field called SBA Change), how am I supposed to do this? It's sort of like things are switched since the color is what needs to be changing based on what the SBA Change measure calculates while the size needs to remain constant. This is my first time dealing with pie charts, same with displaying pie marks on a map so there's a lot of confusion over something that may be an easy fix though I suspect it's maybe a bit more complex.


            I've attached a packaged workbook so you can see what I'm dealing with. The calculated field "SBA Change" is what I want to define the color (it's the 2016 SBA score minus the 2015 SBA score assigning a value of 1, 2 or 3 depending on where the difference falls in a range) for each half of the pie chart. Currently, I have the 2015 SBA and 2016 SBA measures defining the size, which isn't how I need it to work.

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              Tom W

              Good question. The answer is 42*.


              Create a calculated field called 1 and set the formula to be 1. You'll see in my example attached I've used 42, honestly it could be any number really.


              Set the mark type to be pie, drag your 42 or 1 field out to the 'Angle' button and set the aggregation as min, drag it out to size and set the aggregation as min.

              Drag measure values onto the color card and select your two measures. I've created two fields called English Result and Math Result then setup the color to be based on a two step scale from 0 to 1 as the englishresult and mathresult fields return a 1 or a 0. I know this formula doesn't directly address your specific example but hopefully it's a good enough guide to get you through with your year over year change etc.


              If you need further specific advice, please attach some sample data!




              *  - See 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Douglas Adams: 9780345391803: Amazon.com: Books')

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                Tom W

                Sorry, I didn't see you had attached an example. Does this look right? (It's using the method explained above)

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                  Bryan Mills

                  This is brilliant, Tom! Looking at my example workbook that you applied this to I think I can make it work, just need to change so the color is a 3-step scale pulling the value from that "stoplight" calculated field (2016 SBA - 2015 SBA) and I'm golden. Oh and I dig the Hitchhiker's reference


                  Thanks a bunch!