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    Military Time

    Umesh W

      Hi  I would like to see my Start date parameter in Military time that is 24 HR Format, When I am selecting  Date & time datatype, the displayed Format is good it is showing Military(24Hr Format). But When I am back to sheet it is giving me 12 Hr Format For example 05/23/2016 03:39 PM Instead of 05/23/2016 1539. My parameter Can choose any start date from a month and a year.


      Can anyone help me on this.


      Thank you.

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          Doug Womack

          Hi Umesh - In the data pane with your data type format as date and time go to default properties date format and choose the 24hr default date format.

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            Umesh W

            Hi Doug, Thank you for the answer.


            But it is not happening... I applied to whole worksheet as well as parameters. I am getting only one date and one time in 24hr format

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              Doug Womack

              Hi Umesh - Are you using multiple data sources in your worksheet? If so you will need to change the default properties on date format on each data source.

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                Umesh W

                Hi Doug, Can Please see the below Image where My Parameter is Calculation 2 Parameter I have selected data type as Date & time. I can see here the 24 Hr Format. To the top right of the Image that is my worksheet, there it is not applying. can you please help me

                Military time.JPG

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                  Doug Womack

                  Hi Umesh, Can you upload a .twbx of your workbook so I can see how it's setup?

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                    Tom W

                    I have a feeling the display in the parameter control within your workbook reads from a system setting rather than the display format defined. Clearly it does not respect that.


                    A valid workaround in my opinion would be to separate your parameters. Create one parameter for the date only, then setup a second parameter for the time. You could do this one of two ways;

                    • Setup the time only parameter as a string datatype, select allowable values 'list' and paste all allowable values from 0000 to 2359. Add the parameter control to the sheet and change the type to 'type in' from compact list.
                    • Setup two time only parameters; one for hour, datatype integer, range 0 to 23 and another for minute datatype integer range 0 to 59. This isn't as good in my opinion as the first as you will lose the ability to do keep the leading 0
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                      Umesh W

                      I am using only one data source