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    Design Structure Matrix

    Jules Nazzaro

      I've checked out multiple forums on here, and cannot find exactly what I'm looking for. Bora Beran's posts have proven to be helpful in some ways, but have not solved this dilemma. I've attached a simplified version of what I am trying too within Tableau.

      The tabs work in a progressive order and ultimately, I am trying to replicate either the last or second to last tab. Formulas are set on manual and all equations were taken from a book called "data smart." Thanks for any help.


      A further in depth explanation: I have a group and subgroup which are concatenated to form a unique field. "Instances" then are able to occur in multiple or no groups. That is transferred to create a matrix table which shows when an instance is shared between multiple coordinates. The concatenated group/subgroup then becomes both the X and Y axis and will show the similarity as to how often instances are shared between those two concatenated groups/subgroups.