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    How do I plot data by weeks, but show axis in Months (discrete)?

    Ramesh Krishnan

      Hello Helpers,


      I have a situation where I have weekly data across 3 years. I need to plot it on a chart where the x-axis has to be months (Jan, Feb, till Dec). In Tableau, if I choose the Date as months, then the data also gets plotted at a monthly level.


      What I want is, the data should be plotted at a weekly level, but the axis should be in Months. It is possible in Excel. It should be like in the below screenshot.

      Tableau forum image.png


      What I already tried:

      1. I changed the date pill to continuous. Then I am able to "Edit Axis" and get custom format of the axis. If I choose "mmm" in it, I get what I want. But then, because the date is continuous, I am not able to get the lines for each year one above the other. Instead, it becomes one continuous line. This is something that I do not want.

      2. I also saw the option of creating a dummy worksheet with just the month names in column, and then combining the sheet with the actual chart and the dummy sheet with just the month names in a dashboard (using different layout containers). This is a hacky way and it does solve the problem. But then I need to scale it and this hack is not scalable.


      It'll be great if someone could help me here.


      Thanks a lot,