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    Trailing 12 Months / Trailing 36 Months (but with Calculations)

    John T



      I'm trying to solve this issue here of calculating something for the last 12 months as well as the last 36 months. However, I'm not trying to do something as simple as a Sum (if I were, I would just use the IF function)


      For this calculation, I need Tableau to basically find all the values in the last 12 months, Average them, and then add 1.5. (For example, for the TTM calculation, it would average out the values from Row 4 to 11, and then add 1.5, which would then give a value of 3.81)


      Edit: I also want to show TTL and Trailing 36 months on the same table, which is why I haven't looked into filtering the data


      I've attached a document with dummy data that hopefully will help.


      Thanks so much!