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    Dashboard Sizing - Range or Automatic?

    Joe Proulx

      Many of the Tableau dashboards I inherited in my new role were set to 'Desktop' size by default. As I started working with them and sharing them on different screens, I realized how much space is wasted to either side and below. Last month, we shared an older dashboard with our CIO in a Telepresence session and he remarked "Well that looks nice, but I can't read any of it." Clearly we need to figure out a solution.


      I began playing with the 'Range' setting. Because our dashboards are shared on a myriad of devices (large 24" LCD monitors, small laptop screens, MS Surface screens, large TVs in conference rooms, etc), I need it to adapt, and it seemed to work. But then I realized that Automatic worked as well. That would seem to leave Automatic or Range as the two settings I should use. But which is best? I have read a lot about the topic but can't find a specific comparison. Does Range simply limit the upper and lower ends of Automatic to predefined dimensions? Or are there other things at play?


      (Side note: I understand the performance implications of these dynamic settings, but the need to larger, full-screen visualizations trumps our performance concerns. In other words, a tiny viz that renders quickly but has 6" of white space on either side of a conference room TV is not ideal.)


      Thanks all!

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          Hope Stiles



          I personally create all my dashboards on IPAD Landscape.  That way, no matter what size screen or resolution the user has they are going to see the whole dashboard without any scroll bars (very few mobile exceptions.)  This also means that I can't put too much on a single dashboard and keeps me from getting really busy dashboards that are too much for the user at one time.


          Not exactly what you asked, but thought it might be helpful.




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            Doug Womack

            Joe - I think you will be please with Tableau 10 coming soon. http://mkt.tableau.com/video/10.0_device_designs.mp4

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              Ashish Chaudhari

              Keep it to automatic if you want screen to be completely occupied but ensure all you labels are appearing in the right places in particular resolution. If the display resolution decreases (Size is automatic but dashboard is viewed on smaller screen) then you will be in trouble. It would be better if you take exact (avg resolution that your user going to use to view the dashboard.)



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                Joe Proulx

                Doug Womack


                Just got back in the office and watched this. This...is...amazing. Thank you for the link! This should really help with my issue, especially as we start to discuss mobile here at my company (we don't use mobile yet).


                Any idea if we can add Device Types or Models? In other words, I know Tableau comes pre-loaded with Device Types and Models, but if I know we run executive presentations in a certain conference room and I know the resolution on that large-screen TV, it would be amazing to be able to load that TV into the dropdown and ensure that our dashboards will work on that device when we're building.


                (If there's a thread about this, or a separate 10.0 forum I should ask this question in, please let me know).

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                  Phil Naranjo

                  Hi Joe--


                  This is a great question.  For 10.0, we're not supporting the ability to add custom device model to Device Designer.  This is something that we considered including in 10.0 but one issue is that the model list needs to match the Tableau Server device detection logic.  We were concerned that some customers might, for instance, add a device that they consider a phone but Server considers  laptop.  Notice that we list the iPad Pro under Device: Desktop because it has a very high resolution. 


                  We may revisit the custom device model list in future release but we'll have to find a way to validate the device screen size to ensure that it works correctly.