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    A dashboard to automatically update to changes in database

    lawer akrofi

      I have a client in the telecom business that wants me to create a dashboard that will automatically update as his database does. Mainly the analysis would be on usage statistics(GB used over time), subscriber growth/count, subscribers exceeding quota, overage fees and forecasts of these metrics.

      To create the sample dashboards, the client has sent me access to 3 files. I have these files in .txt format, one with historic data from 2013-2015, another from January 2016 - April 2016 and the last .txt file has the current data from April- May 2016. From my understanding these files get overwritten daily with new data and so these are snapshots of data generated at that point in time.

      The problem I have now is how to combine all these into one. i tried joining and blending but I couldn't get my analysis to display in one chart.  Is there a way to capture all these together . Also going forward, what's the best way to do these dashboards based on how the company's data structure.