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    Pass Action Filters Through multiple Dashboards

    Lucas Mulkey



      I am trying to get my action filters to carry from one dashboard to another.



      Say I create a menu action filter that restricts on a dimension that only appears on dashboard 1 and a measure that appears on every dashboard in the workbook. So when I activate the filter dashboard 2 only shows values that fall into the selected sub-set that the menu filter referenced. So now I do the same from dashboard 1 that would have the same effect on dashboard 3. Now I create filters that apply the same way from dashboards 2 and 3 leaving me with dashboards that allow drilling down by subsets on the current dashboard to another dashboard in the workbook.


      I have gotten this to work fine at the first level of drill down, so start on any of the dashboards, select a subset of the data, and menu filter to any of the other dashboards. However, the issue comes in after I have filtered from the first dashboard to the second. I would like to be able to filter from the second to the third and carry the filtration that was applied by the first menu filter as well as the second. Yet, when I select a sub-set of the data displayed on the second dashboard and activate the menu filter it includes data that should have been excluded by the first menu filter.


      Example - See attached workbook:


      Start on 'Dashboard 1' select Africa 2011 and apply the 'Sub-Category Breakdown' menu filter. This takes you to 'Dashboard 2' the grand total at the top shows that no data from outside the 787 in Africa for 2011 have been included in the data set displayed. Now, I select Art and apply the menu filter 'Segment Breakdown'. The grand total shows 846 instead of the 108 that was selected on 'Dashboard 2'.