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    Using 'Assume Referential Integrity' for ignoring joins in star schema set up

    Jal Aj


      We are trying to build a data model as a data source from where end users could pull tables and create visualizations without worrying about table joins. We would want the Tableau data source to be setup in such a way that the above mentioned requirement is feasible in a multi star design DB (PostgreSQL). We were wondering if 'Assume Referential Integrity' could be used for achieving this?


      Suppose we create a data source with all the facts and associated dimensions pulled in and join them all using conformed dimensions and later choose 'Assume Referential Integrity', now if the end user pulls only columns from 2 tables to create views, would only the join defined on these two tables be applied on the data and hence the other joins defined in the data source be ignored? Would this solve our requirement?


      What would be the downsides of using this approach? Is there any other way to achieve this?