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    ERROR: Error in python: ValueError Port number must be an integer.; Error while executing the query

    Kevin Kapfer

      The above message is the "more details" from "An error occurred while communicating with data source..."


      I am using Tableau Desktop 9.3 and MongoDB BI Connector.  I am able to connect to the data source and drag various collections into the data source panes, but when I attempt to pull any data from the collections I get the error.  I copied the attempted query and ran it in a "New Custom SQL" window with the same results (I narrowed down the number of columns to the id column).  The port that MongoBI Connector uses is 27032 which I opened on the BI Connector machine's firewall. 


      I am able to query the MongoDB collections using a tool to see data in the collections I am querying.


      Thanks for any assistance.