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    I am building a KPI dasboard need help.

    rushendra sriram

      Hi Team,


      I am building a KPI Dashboard, where some targerts are higher the better it is good. Some targets lower the better is good.


      could you please help to in writing the calucation field.


      Thank you,


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          khalid norat

          Could you please attach a sample set of data.


          There are multiple ways this can be achieved but the best way will depend on the layout and format of your data.


          Also please provide information on how you are trying to display these KPI's


          The above will help member of the community assist you quicker

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            Manuel Rodriguez

            Hi Rushendra,


            Can you share with us an book with an example of your problem in order to be able to illustrate an answer?


            I will try to give you a neutral example that you can modify according to your needs;


            Lets assume that you have some data classified by the dimension 'Category'. In this dimension you have for instance different cost and profits and you want to use the KPI's to illustrate whether the growth from one year was positive or negative. The problem you have is that in some cases a positive growth means a good thing (for example in profit) but in others is a negative thing (cost) therefore you need to make a selection in your dimension in order to apply two different criteria.



            Imagine that you have 2 cost and the rest are different kind of profits/income or any king of earnings (positive growth=good thing), you could use the following formula in order to apply the criteria that you want with just one formula.



            IF MIN([Category]) = 'Name of the cost 1' OR MIN([Category]) = 'Name of the cost 2'

                THEN IF ([Growth]) < 0

                        THEN "Above Benchmark"

                        ELSE "Below Benchmark"


            ELSE IF ([Growth]) > 0

                    THEN "Above Benchmark"

                    ELSE "Below Benchmark"





            I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago, and I wrote it about that in this forum asking for help. The solution that Dan Shanchez gave to me worked pretty well. Hopefully you will find it useful as well. Please, have a look to my topic:
            Problems using KPI's as a Speedometer substitute



            That's all I can do if you don't provide me something to work with. But I think that you will handle well.


            Best regards,