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    Fiscal year dates

    Kevin McGovern

      Hi All,


      My question is slightly nuanced regarding fiscal year start and end.


      In my raw data set, I have already set my fiscal year date, such that each sales entry is tagged based on its fiscal year. For example, because my fiscal year starts in October, the dates of entries will change to the next year starting in October.


      As an example, I book a sale on 28/09/2015 and could book another sale on 05/10/2015 but the date is actually tagged as 05/10/2016. My dates are not on the annual calendar but already converted to fiscal year.


      However, in Tableau, I don't necessarily want to change the fiscal year start time, but I do want Tableau to recognize that October is my starting month, not January. Does anyone know how to set October as my fiscal year start given my dates are already on my fiscal time frame?


      Thanks all!