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    "The field [xxx] is not from the worksheet's data source"?

    Chris Emmerson

      A few posts on this from previous years, but I can't seem to find it answered -


      I have one dataset of hospital admissions and one of map references. I can link geographical identifiers between the two. This works fine. I can then use different dimensions to colour or filter the data (e.g. to put different colours on different areas to show number of admissions; to filter by fields in the admissions dataset, etc.). What I can't do is use the Pages shelf. Every time I try, I get the message in the header of this post. I have no idea what this error message means - the field is, obviously, in the worksheet's data source; I can use it on other shelves. Can anyone explain what is going on with this and how I might resolve it?

      Many thanks!

      Chris E