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    Stack bar chart with running total

    Edward Yeldham

      I am having difficulty presenting some running total data as a single column stack chart.


      On the attached workbook the tabs highlighted red are the relevant ones.


      On the month and YTD cost per packet tab I have a line graph which plots the total unit production cost by month for the month and as a running total up to that month.


      On the current month cost per packet tab I have plotted the current month (as selected by the user parameter) cost per packet broken down by it's parts.


      I want to now plot beside this the YTD cost and breakdown.  I can't get this to work. 


      The monthly and YTD cost per packet tab (table) shows the data in more raw form instead of the first line graph.


      Also on my date parameter I am only interested in months (ie user select a month such as Jan, Feb etc) currently it is an actual date, how can I amend this (if possible)

      Help would be appreciated.