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    Attention: Tableau Forum Website has a glitch!!

    Udit Mahajan

      It came to my attention that there is a glitch on the Tableau Forum Webpage. I started a discussion today at precise 2.21 pm and just accidentally hit the Refresh Button or F5 thrice and to my surprise the number of views on my discussion question spiked. This caught my attention and I intentionally refreshed the webpage for 50 times and to my surprise, the number of views of my discussion question increased to 200! Within a span of 2 minutes of my intentionally hitting the refresh button, the number of views were 1008!!

      Even the date and time changed, once my discussion views were beyond 1000 and the time of discussion started showing 11.21 am to my surprise!


      I guess the Tableau Forum Website needs attention from the Tableau people as far as the views on a particular post are considered. You can see the number of views increased to 1002 within 10 minutes due to my little play with the website.