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    Count of line item transactions - binning

    Nathan Masters

      Hi All


      I am new to the world of Tableau, so I am hoping that someone can assist a beginner.


      I am trying to derive count of 'Jrnal No' that fall in a bin of:


      <200 Lines

      201 - 400 Lines


      >1000 Lines


      Whilst I can easily derive the correct Jnl Line Count 'bin' at a record level level (see below screenshot for view), I am struggling to build a view with count of 'Jrnal No' that falls into those categories.


      As soon as I start to build a high level aggregated view, everything classifies as >1000 Lines.


      Row level calcs, LOD's etc I am obviously struggling to grasp.


      Thanks for your help. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope the above makes sense.