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    [Tableau Server] Multiple worksheets and data sources in One workbook

    Mia Lee



      I am trying to publish one workbook report to Tableau Server that serves one purpose. (let's say, KPI workbook, where each tab represents each department's KPI dashboard)


      Each sheet uses its own data source - stored procedure's called from Microsoft SQL server for each data source

      ,some of the stored procedures are under the same database, some are not

      ,we don't have to join/blend the data sources

      ,data source needs to be connected live (no extracts)


      If we had like 7 tabs on one workbook,

      since it's calling all 7 stored procedures upon opening of the workbook,

      it takes unbearably long.

      Since each department has their own measures/dimensions or own goals,

      the only reason why they need to be published in one workbook is because they all represent KPI dashboard.

      (again, no data blending is needed)


      Has anyone faced the same issue and resolved it? Your help will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.