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    Tableau not recognizing R package

    William Watkins



      I'm trying to do some complex regression models using MARS regression. I'm trying to use the "earth" package to do so and when I call the library in Tableau an error saying there is no earth package but when I don't call it tableau tell me that I need it.


      If anyone has any suggestions for troubleshooting this please let me know.




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          Russell Christopher

          Is the package in question loaded by RServe when it starts?


          This note has the following to say:

          Running R expressions from Rserv.cfg

          You can use your Rserv.cfg file to preload packages that you would otherwise have to load from your scripts. To do this, add the keyword eval to your configuration file and follow it with an expression. For example, to load the mvoutlier library and create an object x and set its value to 10, add a line like the following.

          eval library(“mvoutier”); x = 10;