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    how to Use One Filter in Different sheets and it work Differently in each of them

    Sandeep Tiwari

      Andrew Watson i have created a sample report  for you to understand my problem

      i have two sheets in first one's filter  i have used created by field

      and for 2nd sheet  i have created filter on closed by


      now when i go to dashboard i don't want to use two filter so is there any way we can create a filter that work for both these sheets  ?


      Can i write some condition in by formula  so that

      for sheet one use this field

      and for 2nd sheet use ...... field


      I am just 10 days old for Tableau so may be i am taking it in a wrong way.But my requirement is this only


      Message was edited by: Sandeep Tiwari @ANTONIO GAZQUEZ   Please find .twbx file for sample report