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    Date filtered data is not functioning properly with action filters between source-target sheets

    Mohit Sharma



      I am working on a dashboard where I have created some action filters responsible for showing the details of selected values from the source sheet on the target sheet. Now everything works fine as long as I don't filter my data on the source sheet with date filter. After filtering the data on source sheet with date filter, the figures become less than the original without date filter. But when I click any calculated value on source sheet, the action filter shows me details of un-filtered(without date filtered) data instead of filtered data.


      Am I missing some configuration here in the filters or is it a bug with Tableau product? Attached is the the sample workbook.

      Source Sheet - Proc Active Monitoring tool

      Target Sheet  - View Data Dashboard


      P.S. - all other filters on source sheet are working fine, and after using them the action filter usage gives me the details of filtered data on the target sheet.