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    Keeping aggregations static

    Arshiya Duseja

      I am looking to create a sheet with certain level of averages : company level, manager level, office level in that particular order.


      The workbooks has different levels of security including manager and office.


      I would like the company and manager level average to remain unchanged even if it is opened by an office level person, and not for those values to filter down for that particular office.


      Please share any inputs on how I can proceed.


      I already tried what the following link suggests but my data for both data sources gets same kind of securities and hence will be filtered down.


      Business Analyticskeep aggregation static filter and unfiltered in tableau





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          Bill Lyons

          The technique in the link you provided is a good one we used frequently prior to Tableau 9.0. The better technique now is to use Level of Detail (LoD) calculations. There are many sources of info on LoD calcs, one is http://www.tableau.com/sites/default/files/media/whitepaper_lod_eng_0.pdf.


          However, neither technique will solve your problem if Tableau does not have access to the underlying data. If the data source is filtering it before Tableau gets it, it is impossible for Tableau to perform any calculations on data that it doesn't have access to.


          That leaves you with these options:

          1. Change the data source so it gives you all of the data, and do the filtering based on the user in the viz, and use LoD calcs for the averages you are desiring.
          2. Create a secondary data source which calls the underlying source in a way that gives you the averages you want without filtering based on the user. This might take the form of a view or stored procedure which returns only the aggregated values, not the secured data. Then you can show that data in another pane in a dashboard.


          Sorry if that doesn't help, but you are limited to the data available to you.

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            Arshiya Duseja

            Thank you Bill. I will surely take a look at it. LoD also is not of much help here. Already tried using it.


            Thanks much