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    Performing operation between two columns of a table and displaying in third one

    Palak Arora



      I have created a table in Tableau. It looks like:


      Name        COUNTD(Count1)      CountD(Count2)

      Abc                 10                                            20

      Def                 30                                             40

      Pqr                 50                                             60



      Both Count1 and Count2 are calculated fields


      I want to sum these both column values and display the sum in new column as mentioned below:


      Name        COUNTD(Count1)      COUNTD(Count2)               Total Count

      Abc                 10                                            20                         30

      Def                 30                                             40                         70

      Pqr                 50                                             60                         110


      Is there any way in which I can create the calculated field "Total Count" with formula Column2+Column3 because I do not want to do the distinct count again for both the counts.


      Please help.