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    Downloading Dashboard.CSV

    Salman Bashir

      Dear all,


      I have added a link on my dashboard that actually link to the same dashboard URL with ".CSV" appended in the end. It downloads a CSV file with a (single) visualization's data. I have multiple views on the dashboard. Is there any way that I could download the data of "Specific" view.


      I tried the technique mentioned in following blog, but it didn't help.


      The Greatest Tableau Tip EVER: Exporting CSV made simple!


      In fact, it doesn't download the first (alphabetically) view neither the one appeared at the top. Not sure in what order does it sees the views. I need to download the data of the view appearing at the bottom of the dashboard. Any help would be appreciated.




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Salman,


          Following Andy's instructions, it sounds like you could copy the bottom dashboard  to something like 'Acsv_view' and get it into the shape desired with the data desired for csv output and then test with the image as suggested to get the desired output csv.  If you have a workbook sample to share, I could review it and assist with testing this.