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    Changing Data Sources based on Parameters

    David Foster

      I DO NOT HAVE DBA ACCESS TO OUR SERVER. (Before anyone says something that requires it.)



      Our lovely IT department creates a data table every month with specific data relating to that month. Its naming convention is along the lines of M<monthnumber><yearnumber>M. Every single month, I have to manually go in, add in a new data source, then switch all the sheets to point to the new data source and get rid of the old one. As you can imagine, this is annoying.


      It is possible for me to have the user select the parameter (on the dashboard, for example) and Tableau will go out and grab the correct data source then update the sheets? In Excel this was simple enough to do in VBA, but Tableau has no equivalent to VBA. (Please Add. Please Add. Please Add.)



      While I would love to have our IT folks create specifically named data tables that update each month to have the data I want in them, that is a bureacratic nightmare which will take months to accomplish, even if they were willing and capable.