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    Dual Axis Graph with certain dimensions affecting only one measure

    Coby Benveniste

      I'm working on a graph that will display a bar chart of the count distinct of the row ID for each Product Category and Product Sub-Category. This is a simple graph, and I was able to create it easily by placing the Count Distinct of the Row ID field on the Rows Shelf, and the Product Category and Sub-Category fields on the Columns shelf.


      Count Distinct By Cat and Sub-Cat.JPG


      Now, I'd love to be able to create a circle graph on this same sheet, that shows the count distinct of just the Product Category, not split down to the Product Sub-Category level (i.e. Just one circle per category). Unfortunately, when I drag the count distinct of the Row ID onto the Rows shelf again, it automatically shows a mark for each Sub-Category.


      Count Distinct Bars and Circles.JPG


      I've tried grouping the Sub-Categories by Category, creating sets, and calculating the Total Count Distinct Per Category, But I can't seem to get the Sub-Category split to apply only to the bars, not the circles as well. Can Tableau do this, or am I just reaching for something that can't be achieved?