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    insert extract to a workbook


      Hi all, would like to know how do I insert an extract to a workbook.


      So, here's my case,


      I have a workbook with 2 data source, A and B (when viewing in worksheets). Now, I want to add another data source C into this workbook by using its extract as I have created an extract for it earlier. So, I would like to know is there a way to insert this extract into the workbook and use the data?

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          Andrew Watson

          Ctrl-D - Connect to a file - Other files...and navigate to find your tde (extract) file.

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            Hi CHIN CHUAN GOH


            Click on this data icon & select where it resides, if it is tableau server go to "tableau  server" tab or if it is in your local goto to "other file",browse it manually it will add in your workbook.



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              CHIN CHUAN GOH

              Hi Andrew, that works, thx a lot!


              how about say my data source A is a left join from file X and file Y and now I have updated my file X and Y and I have created extract for both X and Y individually. I would like to insert extract X and Y to the workbook and left join them together again and then replace data source A with this new left join (X and Y) data, how can i do this? also, I created some calculated fields for my data source A initially. So, if it's able to replace with the new left-join data, would the calculated fields still remain? i know this has something to do with optimizing the extract but i'm not sure with the procedure to do it.

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                SANDIP SHARMA

                Hi Chin,


                If I have understood correctly then you have an extract file which is placed some where in your laptop or desktop and now you have created new dashboard with some other data extract but you want to use that one also in your new workbook. If so then please follow below steps.


                Click on below yellow highlighted button in Tableau

                After clicking on Yellow button you will get a popup window


                Click on other files : again a popup window will appear to your screen

                Now you can refer to that location where you have kept your .tde file like below screen


                This is how you can connect Tableau extract file.

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                  Andrew Watson

                  You're not able to left join extracts, only blend them. You can perform the left join when bringing your data into Tableau. Sounds like you'd be better keeping data source A.

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                    HI CHIN CHUAN GOH


                    From my understanding you need to do some data modelling with the new data extracts for that go the data extracts and right click and go to "Edit Data source" as per the screenshot and  do the changes.