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    How to Show Top 10

    Shaun Wells

      Hi - I've just started to use Tableau and have been playing around with the app. One thing I seem to be stuck on is showing the top N Results for a Worksheet I have.


      I have two Rows


      Business & Dept - Business Contains One Value and Department, many hundreds of rows with a value.


      I have 1 column which is a Measure of  SUM(Number of Records), this is currently being presented in a horizontal bar chart and gives me exactly what I'm after..


      I now have displayed - The Business (1 Off)  / Dept ( Many Rows) and Total Number of Users.. Which is great !!.. But How do I set a filter on this to show just the top 10 or 25 Departments. I've looked at SET's and when I create a SET and apply to current worksheet it does not show me the TOP 10, just 10 Random rooms.. Any pointers would be appreciated.