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    LOD, Benchmark lines, filter sheet + quickfilter question

    David Ahrens



      I just built my first dashboard and our customer has a request which i am unable to reproduce at the moment.


      I attached an example workbook to explain my problem. I have a chart which gets filtered by various quickfilters and a filter sheet. (Sorry if i use the wrong terms for specific features, but that's how they are used internally).


      There are 2 requests at the moment - i guess the answers might be really simple, though the support couldn't help me so far:


      1) Always show the average over all products (avg benchmark):

      Our Customer selects one (or more) products on the left filter sheet / and wants to compare them to the average over all products. The quickfilters on the right should be included in that calculation.

      I tried to use a calculated field and a reference line, but apparently i am missing something (Window_AVG and LOD FIXED/EXCLUDE didnt work for me).


      2) A second benchmark line or a second chart, where we display the "Top 3" benchmark line.

      For each questions i would like a line representing the value of the 3rd ranked product.

      No idea if that is even possible, If not i would probably just make a new dashboard displaying 1 Chart per question with the top 3 ranks and the selected product below as a workaround.


      So, could anyone help me out or point me in the right direction?


      (I apologize if anything sounds a bit weird, but english is a foreign language and we have our own lingo in our company)


      Thanks a lot,


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          Keshia Rose

          Hi David,


          Here's one way of how you could do this. I created an LOD calculation for your reference line fixed to the question:


          {FIXED [Question Text] : AVG([Is Top])}


          This will make sure the reference line doesn't change when you select a product. However if you want the filters to affect the reference line, you can add them to context.


          Please find my example attached and let me know if this is what you are looking for.


          Take care,


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            David Ahrens

            Hey Keshia,


            Thanks for the reply. Guess there is still much to learn for me, I thought something like product ID has to be FIXED, guess ill read about LODs a bit more.


            I created a similar calculated field with some more INCLUDES and it works as i wanted, when i use it as a Measure(avg). When i use it as a dimension, some of my questions are disappearing. Measure(avg) works for now, just has an ugly tooltip "Average Avg. XYZ" - guess back to do some more research!